Storybook Success: From Idea to Audiobook and more!
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Imagine taking your active income and making passive income from it.

Let what you know work as hard as you do and make more from it.

That’s what Sam did with her book idea, and with her experience working with children with mental illness.

Before all she had was an idea, and a 5 minute voice note.

But now, she has taken those things and brought it out into a full fledged ebook and paperback. Helping kids overcome issues of depression and anxiety through the wonderful stories she has published.

And now she’s working with a narrator on her audiobook edition.

She’s built up a large following of readers and fans.

Being invited to conferences to speak.

And getting more sales and appreciation for her work.

What are some of the things she learnt from the process?

Well, it’s been:

  1. Capture all the ideas you have: Jot it all down on a notepad or on your phone. Anything that sparked her imagination. It’s important to get those fleeting moments down somewhere before they vanish into thin air.
  2. Expand and refine what you have with support: Working with me, she transformed her ideas into captivating stories. .Through our collaboration, she learned to build well-rounded characters, create engaging plotlines, and refine the flow of her narratives. Together, we transformed her five-minute voice note into an enchanting storybook.
  3. Diversify Formats: Once her storybook was complete, our storyteller didn’t stop there. With our direction, she expanded her creation into an ebook, paperback, and now onto an audiobook! By offering her story in multiple formats, she reached a wider audience and generated more passive income.

She is now excited to work on the audiobook and is looking forward to a song being created for the book from her audience of readers.

All this from an idea and a 5 minute voice note.

If you ever wanted to create something from what you do, or even wanted to get an idea of what could work to turn your active income into passive income, then send me an email to

Don’t let your dreams remain just dreams.

Bring them to life and let others enjoy what you have to offer.