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Fulfill Your Dreams of Becoming a Self-Published Author with Mind Of Khan Studios

At Mind of Khan Studios, we believe that everyone has a story to tell. Our philosophy is to help writers bring their unique and creative ideas to life by using their strengths, experience and our extensive expertise in the publishing industry. If you’re an aspiring author looking for a reliable way to publish your book, we’re here to help you.

Self-Publishing Made Easy

We understand the challenges of traditional publishing. Dreams often go unfulfilled or take years to materialize. Book publishing can feel like a daunting task if you don’t know where to start, or aren’t given the proper information.

That’s why we offer a self-publishing model that helps writers develop, design and self-publish their book without compromising on quality, creativity or control. Self-publishing will allow you to build a personal brand and establish a strong presence in the market. Our team of experts will lead you through the entire process, from writing to publishing your own book.

We will assist you with kindle direct publishing as well.

Our Process

Our process is straightforward and collaborative. When you choose to work with Mind of Khan Studios, we will collaborate with you to brainstorm ideas, create an outline, edit, design, format and finalize your book for publishing. We offer services ranging from proofreading to full-service book production, all tailored to fit your specific needs.

Our experienced team has helped numerous clients bring their books to life, from memoirs to fiction to self-help. The possibilities are endless, and we’re committed to making your project our top priority.

Testimonials from some of our satisfied clients

As an emerging novelist, I needed consultation and marketing direction for my books. I cannot thank Mr Khan enough for the number of times I needed to get a perspective on certain things and his consulting. I have a better sense of direction as result of this.
His marketing of my books using Instagram and FB was an ideal strategy since I have captured sales from around the world as result of his efforts. Thank you very much.
– Reshma S.

“Mikkell Khan and his company Mind of Khan Studios is the perfect consulting agency for writers and authors. He went above and beyond formatting my ebooks and paperbacks to ensure a seamless and easy upload of my works to Amazon and its various platforms. Khan was professional, very responsive, and well-versed in Amazon guidelines. He also gave me layout tips for my manuscript and shared his marketing knowledge for the literary industry. His advice was always motivating and steered me in the right direction. Few companies offer publishing expertise with modern solutions for authors, and I am glad I found Khan and his company. I recommend him with a 10/10 rating.” – Verena B.

Mikkell of Mind of Khan Studios was a great help in my efforts to publish my first book digitally and he walked me through the steps of editing, book formatting and uploading for Amazon paperback & Kindle formats.
He also helped me set up a payment service to re-route my money to my Trinidad & Tobago bank account.
He is easy to work up and very supportive of my dreams to become book author.
” – Sajjad H.

Take The First Step

Ready to take the first step? Let’s start the conversation. You can email us directly at or call us at 1-647-770-1030. Trust us to help bring your story to life.