Roll a Monkey

Roll a Monkey – The points collection game that stars a cute monkey avoiding spikes and angry leopards.

Play through randomised levels as a monkey as you roll through levels and collect bananas to score high points. Compete with your family, friends and other players around the world.

Roll A Monkey is an action roll a ball marble style game top view game with a super monkey that rolls like the ball and collects as many bananas as they can, around a jungle arena before the timer expires. No hamster or Donkey here, only has a blast while avoiding leopards and evade spikes. Become the kong of your castle when you complete each level with your banana coins. But be careful, this game is a challenge and pretty intense fun!

 PROGRESSIVE GAMEPLAY Earn in game banana coins to buy special features, such as invincibility or a double score boost. Don’t be just a roll up ball, but become the super monkey ball that you were intended to be.

RANDOMLY GENERATED ITEMS AND ENEMIES You never know where the challenge is coming. Intense and move it to collect the bananas without ever learning where the items always are. 

UNLOCK ACHIEVEMENTS Post your best scores to the Leaderboards. Compete against your friends in this adventure. Be the top Monkey ball as you roll up to success.

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