The Enixar - The epic fantasy story of several families fighting for the most powerful entity in the Universe.

Created since the beginning of time, The Enixar has been a mysterious entity that is sought after from common man to Demigods across the Universe. The origins of the story take place on the kingdom planet of Gramadon where a High King from origins unknown to his people sets forth to obtain the true power of the Enixar and in turn dominate the entire universe with its abilities.

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The Enixar : The Sorcerer's Conquest follows the story of a mysterious overlord that dominates the countryside of Gramadon, a fictional world, after hundreds of years of skirmishes from rival factions. 

But all is not well with the new King, as one of his close advisers, Lord Meriaus, finds out there is more to his ambitions that may leave the fate of Gramadon, and the Universe as they know it, in jeopardy. 

 An Epic Story Experience
Intrigue and drama from start to finish. The Enixar does not disappoint.

Characters to love 
Each character has their own wit, charm, sass and strength that truly shines in the entire novella. 

More thrills and adventure to come... 
The Sorcerer's Conquest is the beginning of a larger series of 'The Enixar'. Immerse yourself into the story and learn the characters that will make a big impact in future novels to come.

Find out more about the secrets of the Enixar in 'The Enixar : Solitude of Sin'

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