Novel Writing

Novel Writing

Novel and Fiction Writers open the world of wonder, fantasy and spectacle at Mind of Khan Studios. Most of our initial plans and projects start off in the novelization process before becoming a game, a movie title or a graphic novel. We have several writers under our company's umbrella that believe in unbridled and extreme love for the genres of fantasy, science fiction (Sci Fi), action adventure and even experimentation with new and daring themes.  

The Enixar by Mikkell K. Khan

Skyline By Kennedy F. King

VIBE The Comic By Alan M. Ferreira

Paradigm by Alan M. Ferreira

Ebook on Novel Writing

An easy to follow guide on how to write your first novella for publishing on the top ebook stores on the internet. For the beginner who always had an amazing story in their mind but never got the chance to show it to the world. Coming soon, sign up with the Mind Of Khan Studios to get updates on its release.