Novel Writing

Novel Writing

Novel and Fiction Writers open the world of wonder, fantasy and spectacle at Mind of Khan Studios. Most of our initial plans and projects start off in the novelization process before becoming a game, a movie title or a graphic novel. We have several writers under our company’s umbrella that believe in unbridled and extreme love for the genres of fantasy, science fiction (Sci Fi), action adventure and even experimentation with new and daring themes.  

The Enixar by Mikkell K. Khan

The Enixar By Mikkell K. Khan

A fantastical tale of several families fighting for the Enixar, a legendary and powerful entity created since the beginning of time. The series begins with The Solitude of Sin, where a Princess and Queen of an alien world are taken hostage by rebels of the State, and its up to a small group of trained Rangers and a novice healer to save them.

Skyline By Kennedy F. King


Skyline By Kennedy F. King

Skyline takes place in a world of scientific wonder and unusual experiences, even in the future. The series begins with the story of The Captain, The Billionaire Boat and Dragon Crusader. 

Captain Dawn pursues the renegade Drogan that has eluded her for years after their first encounter. She feels an admiration, yet disgust for him. A curiosity, yet a hatred.  A desire, yet a damnation. She finally corners in on him at an isolated planet. With the help of a willing crew and a highly emotionally advanced ship, will she be able to face him and do what needs to be done?

VIBE The Comic By Alan M. Ferreira

VIBE The Comic By Alan M. Ferreira

Exposed to a genetically altering virus distributed during the last global conflict, humanity has now embarked on trying to balance out a new society filled with not just super powered individuals but also hundreds of constantly evolving new species of creatures.

Vibe takes place in the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago and follows a young group of would be heroes, who are not only trying to cope with teenage adolescence issues and their place in society, but also with their ever evolving powers as well.

Paradigm by Alan M. Ferreira

Paradigm By Alan M. Ferreira

Exiled to a hostile planet, a man must survive using ancient technology and his determination to reach back home.

Ebook on Novel Writing

An easy to follow guide on how to write your first novella for publishing on the top ebook stores on the internet. For the beginner who always had an amazing story in their mind but never got the chance to show it to the world. Coming soon, sign up with the Mind Of Khan Studios to get updates on its release.

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