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Are you an aspiring writer looking for advice and guidance? 

Then you need to Mine Your Mind!

Authors Mikkell Khan and Verena Boodoosingh share their journey to becoming published authors coming from the Caribbean. They discuss the limitations they had to overcome, the triumphs they have had in the space, and other things aspiring writers have asked them on navigating the novel escape of the self-publishing world.

Join us as we go into different topics in each episode and learn everything you can from these up-and-coming authors.

We are One of the Six Finalists!

Mind of Khan Studios is proud to announce that we have been selected as one of the six finalists in the Universal GameDev Challenge. In this challenge, game developers are challenged with proposing games based on some of the biggest brands from Universal and then...

How to Generate a Great App or a Video Game Idea?

App development makes so much sense, whether you’d like to establish a successful studio or do it one time for promotional purposes. An app or a video game, however, is as great as the concept that powers the development. A good idea for app or video game development...

The Six Steps that go in Successful App Development

Are you wondering how to make an app? Are you taking the first steps in this brave new world, steps that have left you somewhat confused? Once you focus your efforts and determine the path, following through will become much easier. To design and put together a...