Markup Magic - The profit calculating software for your business and life.

Markup Magic is the only app you need to calculate your profit margin, expenses, costs, break-evens and sustainability of your small business and entrepreneurial pursuits.

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MARKUP MAGIC is a simple, lightweight app that assists you to more than a profit calculator. Calculate your markup, percent, profit, expenses, rate and final analysis for your business or home service. Whether you are a freelancer, small or medium business, earn from your sales with this percentage calculator, free for download. Easy to use & feature rich cost sell margin calculator features are at your service!

No need to take a loan or a mortgage to keep your small business or home service open. Markup Magic will assist you with an analysis to help you develop a good costing for your client in the easiest way possible. 

Similar to Quicken, you will be up and on your feet working and not worried about charging incorrectly or unfairly. Be fair with your rate always. Enter the needed info about your service and let MARKUP MAGIC do its magic with its powerful cost sell gross margin calculation.

With the financial analysis and gross margin percentage pies, Markup Magic guarantees to save you time and ensure a steady cash flow to your business. No financial analysis knowledge needed to do the calculation! Just follow the instructions and enter the needed data!

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