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​Game Development

Mind of Khan Studios develops games with both casual and veteran players in mind. With a growing library of excellent, easy to learn and challenging to master game play, we aim for a fun, friendly, and enjoyable experience. Replay-ability and user immersion are our critical factors for continuously developing well received and noteworthy titles.

Below you can find an assortment of all our titles, listed in chronological order from the latest and greatest releases from our studio. Explore the titles below to get more information on them and to play them on the iOS, Android or Steam Stores. 


Aquizmatics is a quiz math app with several difficulty levels that is both fun and challenging for kids and adults. At the heart of the app are several challenges, where solving one moves the player onto the next. Aquizmatics rivals the best math apps for kids as it is set in a colorful classroom environment so players are better able to relate and become immersed in the game.

Nolly By Nature

Nolly By Nature is an addictive mobile cat-based endless runner featuring Nolly The Cat that focuses on speed, strategy, and timing. Watch out for enemies and objects in your path. If you knock into them, you’ll have to start right over! Nolly is fun for the whole family.

Roll a Monkey

Roll a Monkey is a simple and fun 3d based mobile game featuring a cute Monkey that focuses on a time sensitive collection of all the bananas on the board while looking out for the traps that randomly appear on each level. This game is fun for kids and adults alike.

Olympia Gold Mobile (In Development)

Olympia Gold Mobile is a Mobile Real-Time Strategy (MRTS) game based on a futuristic world of racing. Acquire and Train your racers, increase your resources and territory with each win and become the master of your domain. Clash against other territories to expand your dominance over the Olympia world. Olympia Gold is aimed at teens and older audiences.

Ebook on Game Development and Design

An easy to follow guide on how to develop your first game on any platform, comprehend basic features of pre-production and planning, overall development and then how to market once you are going to release your game to market.

Mind of Khan Studios will be encapsulating all our producers’ knowledge in this easy to follow guide. Sign up today to be notified once the book is released.

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