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Story Time is one of the best mobile story telling games that lets you start any type of story that you would like with your friends and family.

One person starts a story and passes it on to another person to continue and so on. 

StoryTime: Imagine, Write, Share!

Create a story where you pick the title, genre, a synopsis for your story path, and an introduction to get the story rolling.

- Simply pick a story that others have created and make a contribution to its progress. Don't like how the story is going? Have a great idea for the next act? You have the ability to make these changes! 
- To keep things fun and mysterious, you are only allowed to see the last 5 entries of a story. Who knows where the story started, and what has transpired thus far! 
- Making a contribution also removes that story from your choice pool. Don't worry, you can contribute again after another user makes an entry. 
Plus, when a story crosses 15 entries, you are given the opportunity to continue the story or create an ending.

Eager to find out how that story you started, or contributed to, turned out? Once a story is completed by a user they are available here in their entirety for you to read.

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