Aquizmatics - The match three math-based puzzle game for math enthusiasts.

Aquizmatics will put your skill of maths and equations to the test with its vibrant classroom theme. Play in casual mode or try to go more advanced with time mode and rack up even more points. Compete against your friends and even the world as you make your way to the top in ultimate classroom math glory.

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AQuizMatics is one of the best mobile video math games that tests your math skills in the classroom with fun match 3 style gameplay focusing on time limits and limited moves. Fun for kids, academics and math enthusiasts alike! Prove your mathematics skills and sharpen your brain with lovely and entertaining challenges.

Tap to play this math match game and choose from 2 different game modes: Normal Mode and Time Mode. With the first one, you’ll be able to enjoy this fun math game for hours. With the second mode you will be able to play the same gameplay, but with a timer included. Count your moves and tease your brain with this brilliant and fun math puzzles!

Connect number blocks so that their total value is equal to the target number! Be careful, sometimes you may need to figure out that number too! All you have to do is slide your finger to connect the numbers on the grid and release to submit the solution. So think carefully before releasing and submitting your answer! 

Show your math skills and solve as many math puzzles as you can! Meet the requirements to pass the current level and try to win higher scores. Count your moves, watch out for the time and earn awesome points and achievements. Train your mind and complete the chains with this cool and fun math match game!

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