Olympia Gold Mobile - A fast-paced Mobile Role Playing Game (MRPG) featuring futuristic racing and territorial domination

Become the very best squad, a title bestowed upon the best racers in a team, in this battle royale of glory and intense twists and turns. Command your base and take over new territories as you dominate the landscape of Olympia, a man-made satellite planet that orbits Earth's moon specifically made for the ultimate racing tournaments. Compete with your family, friends and other players around the world as you strive for your very own Olympia Gold.

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Olympia Gold Mobile is a mobile role-playing futuristic racing game developed for iOS and Android. Join hundreds of other racers on planet Olympia, a human-made satellite made for the ultimate racing tournaments. Each player chooses a featured Hero who controls a single base. The Hero commands and recruits new racers as they expand their base.

Soon, they will create a squad that dominates the landscape and gains more territories and resources in the entire world. Take control of the whole planet and become the leader of your dominion.

Create alliances. Form factions. Declare war on your adversaries.

Go for Gold. Olympia Gold.

All new worlds to explore. Fly through enchanted forested areas, rocky caverns and intense ocean areas to fly to Olympia glory.

Change the look of your pilots, your ships, your base and even your territories based on your squad's theme. The world is your oyster... once your conquer it.

Progress in the world and earn achievements that develop and enhance your squad. Compete against and align with your friends and family in your conquest. Become the leader you were meant to be.

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